Creative Arts Therapy funding program at Children’s Hospital Colorado

Creative Arts Therapy

The Marc Jr Foundation proudly supports the Creative Arts Therapy funding program at Children’s Hospital Colorado led by Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Jenny Madden, MSN, RN, Associate Professor, University of Colorado. The Apodacas met Jenny when Marc was diagnosed with DIPG at Denver Children’s Hospital in 2007, and since then Jenny has been instrumental in working with the Foundation on family resource projects. It is the Marc Jr Foundation’s honor to be supporting the Creative Arts Therapy funding program, and we thank Jenny for her continued work in supporting children with cancer. The Marc Jr Foundation has set up this funding project to ensure donors that 100% of the money donated to this program will support the efforts of this program.


Although finding a cure for childhood brain tumors, and especially fatal DIPGs, is of utmost importance, we also must help the children who have already been diagnosed and are undergoing treatment and/or hospice.


Creative Arts Therapy is an amazing way for children to be creative with art, music, or movement during chemotherapy infusions or radiation treatments. Our licensed professional counselor runs groups in the infusion center every morning and individual sessions with inpatients every afternoon. Children not only laugh and play during chemo, but also therapeutically process their symptoms and trauma. You can read our published work showing trends of improved pain control and nausea relief for children with brain tumors receiving creative arts therapy (insert link to attached paper here). We currently have an ongoing follow-up study to verify our findings.


We need your help funding this research. One hundred percent of your donation will directly support the scientific research initiative to show that art can help children living and dying with brain tumors. ~ Jenny Madden, MSN, Associate Professor (program lead)


You are welcome to make a one-time donation, of any amount, but we are encouraging you to consider a monthly recurring donation of a minimum of $10. Your donation is tax deductible. There is no obligation, and you can cancel at any time by simply emailing


If you have any questions, would like more information, or would like to cancel your membership, please do not hesitate to email


The goal of the Marc Jr Foundation is to ensure our donors that 100% of their donation to this program will go to the program—Creative Arts Therapy.

Creative Arts Therapy funding program at Children’s Hospital Colorado



Creative Art Therapy